PERSONAL Eaglet T8 CloudSIM 100 Gb Data Plan AVAILABLE ON JULY 5, 2022

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Choose from 3 Data Plans!  Choose the plan that fits your needs and your budget!!

100 Gb Plan                 $  124.00/month

Monthly Plan          NO SIM card            NO Contract             Limited Data w/Hard Cap

Plans must be activated with the Eaglet T8 device.  

Plans will Automatically Renew each month on the 1st of the month.  Payments are set up on AutoPay.  AutoPay will run on the 25th of each month for the coming month's service. All accounts are active and paid through the last day of the service month.  Cancellation or suspension of service means the account will not renew on the 1st of the coming month.   Cancellation requests must be submitted to Eagle 1 Wireless prior to the 25th of the month.  

Network coverage can vary in different regions.  Hotspot services and/or plans may not be available in all areas.  Tower congestion in an area can create slower speeds at certain times of the day due to network de-prioritization.  Data usage is monitored by the ISP and/or Eagle 1 Wireless.  Any misuse, abnormal usage, overages, or interference in network operations will not be tolerated; service will be subject to restriction, suspension, or termination.  


 NOTE:  There is a One-Time Activation Fee of $34.95 to initiate the account.